In Conversation Series One

Series One | Comms in the time of COVID: Communications & brand lessons from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped both the professional and social lives of all of us and resulted in significant changes to everything we did. Lighthouse gathered a group of experts to discuss how, in this new world, we can better communicate, connect and remain relevant to stakeholders and audiences.

Episode One | Kate Bailey, Coles General Manager of Media & Sponsorship
Episode Two | Judy Goldman, NSW Health Director of Communications
Episode Three | Nassim Khadem, ABC Business Journalist
Episode Four | Simon King, NSW Minister for
Customer Service Director of Communications
Episode Five | Nichole McKechnie
Telstra Head of Communications
Episode Six | Michelle Stephenson
Nova National News Director
Episode Seven | Steve Reid
oOh!media Chief People & Culture Officer
Episode Eight | Mark Pesce
Futurist, Author, & Inventor