Repositioning traditional to new

Business Objective

oOh!media appointed Lighthouse in 2005 to support its sales funnel and boost investor awareness of its business strategy in the competitive Out of Home media sector

Strategic Approach

Lighthouse’s strategy focused on shifting perception of one of the oldest mediums to it being a fast growing, multi-platform new media company. This involved using the CEO as a pioneering thought leader and highlighting the industry innovation, content and big data pillars of the company’s strategy.


Lighthouse delivers an annual content led communications strategy – including messaging, seeding stories and launching new products – to share the company’s strategy and continually educate on new ideas, technologies and growth opportunities. Over the years we have profiled novel, multi-format breaking campaigns that position oOh! as a provider of effective, multi-format advertising solutions. Throughout the company’s growth, the communications strategy kept pace with progressive business developments.

Commercial or Communications Outcome

Lighthouse’s activity has seen oOh! become the leading commentator in its field, successfully changing the narrative to demonstrate that Out of Home is now a primary medium as opposed to a support media. The company’s perception has been transformed from a billboard provider to a fast growing media solutions company whose assets transcend physical signage to online publishing, with sophisticated data smarts.


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