Miele Australia & New Zealand

Introducing the Immer Besser philosophy to a new generation

Business Objective

Miele wanted to introduce its brand to younger audiences with the launch of their new The Blizzard RX II vacuum, to help instigate a lifelong relationship with the company’s products.

Strategic Approach

By tapping into two subcultures – young affluent couples with pets and mumfluencers Lighthouse developed an integrated content strategy that introduced the brand and the Blizzard RX II with tailored online content droving awareness and lead generation in Australia and New Zealand markets.


Lighthouse conducted a two-month integrated content campaign that delivered influencer-led content across owned, earned and paid channels native to each target audience. The campaign was designed to drive lead generation to the Miele website, where audiences could obtain more information.

Commercial or Communications Outcome

Following the campaign Miele enjoyed a healthy line of enquiry for both models of the Blizzard RX II which were featured in the integrated content campaign.


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