Aligning Internal Audiences

The Greater Building Society was transitioning to become the Greater Bank.  A customer owned bank managing more than $5 billion in assets with over 700 friendly staff. 250,000 customers

Business requirements

The CEO of the Greater Building Society was embarking on a rapid transition which would see, for the first time, major change across the business.  This included new service charters, restructures, and a culture built on collaboration and customers.

How we helped

Lighthouse developed an internal communications framework following a review of the business change imperatives and interviews with the leadership, sales and support staff. We developed a new structure for the internal communications function including position descriptions and KPIs to support the businesses Blueprint for Change strategy.

To embed the new approach, consultants worked inhouse at Greater Bank to assist define the corporate narrative and to mentor team members. Concurrently, we worked with various heads of departments to support restructures, develop communication protocols and processes to guide them through any major announcements.

Lighthouse also worked with the Greater Bank CEO and other senior leaders on executive visibility plans  and business unit communications.