Creating a new narrative

Clarius Group (CND.ASX) is a leading Australian recruitment company with multiple brands across accounting and auditing (Lloyd Morgan, Candle (IT), SouthTech (Engineering) and Alliance (Legal and office professionals). Each brand is in a highly competitive market with local and international recruiters.


In such a competitive environment Clarius had struggled to get profile and presence in the Australian media landscape which it needed to attract not only employer clients but recruitment candidates.

What we did

We conducted extensive research into the market, existing and past media coverage and identified a gap in the media landscape to position Clarius as a market authority in recruitment trends.

We successfully created and leveraged the Clarius Skills Indicator, a quarterly measurement and analysis of the supply and demand for skilled labour across 10 key employment categories in Australia. The core data came from the latest ABS data which was woven into a detailed (40 pages +) report that combined economic analysis from Econtech. Timely news stories were developed from the report for nationwide distribution.


The Clarius Skills Indicator became the pre-eminent media report and analysis for the jobs and employment market. It was regularly picked up by daily newspapers, radio, television and online news sites. The Clarius CEO, Kym Quick, became a regular quarterly guest on national business television providing additional insights and commentary. Clarius’ media “share of voice” against its competitor made it the No. 1 or 2 recruitment company in terms of media coverage.
We further leveraged Clarius data and analysis using detailed information from their Salary Portal to generate news stories about trends in salaries.