Peter Laidlaw

Peter backed himself and his expertise to establish Lighthouse Communications Group more than 10 years ago following-on from years of experience working in senior roles for multi-national consultancies and major corporations.

Since establishing Lighthouse, Peter is proud of accumulating and delivering results for many long-term clients and creating an amazing team of professional consultants with exceptional experience.

He has successfully led financial communications, including financial reporting, M&As and IPOs, developed internal and external communications strategies to build and enhance reputations, helped organisations navigate their way through Government to gain more favourable conditions and regulatory changes, launched products for major brands and leveraged sponsorship investment.  Among the clients he has worked for are Telstra, oOh!media, Blackmores, Lever Rexona, George Westin Foods, CSR, KFC and Redkite.

Prior to Lighthouse, Peter’s career included roles as a journalist, media advisor to a NSW government minister, corporate affairs roles for major corporations and key industry associations and as a public relations consultant for international and local PR agencies.


Professional career highlights?

While touring around Australia with “lookalike impersonators” for Tiger Woods, the Pope, Ray Charles and Pamela Anderson for a Mars campaign was a lot of fun, a highlight would have to be the successful re-listing oOh!media (one of our foundation clients) on the ASX.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Being relied upon to make things happen and delivering our clients tremendous results.  Then there is the team at Lighthouse and of course coffee.


If you didn¹t work in PR, what would you do?

I am often envious of the deck hands on Sydney’s ferries – travelling on the world’s best harbour. But that wouldn’t appease my appetite for helping businesses of all size grow, unearthing cracking yarns nor using my mind to influence through words.


How others describe you?

I have long valued the importance of listening – so a great listener would be one descriptor. Enthusiastic, passionate and determined would be appropriate.