Julian Elliott

Strategy Lead

Julian has worked across industries ranging from defence, infrastructure and renewable energy, enhancing and defending corporate reputations in often highly complex situations. He is skilled at developing close ties with external and internal stakeholders and balancing short and long-term priorities.
Prior to working with Lighthouse, his most recent role was at Acciona, where from 2017 to 2019 he enhanced the company’s reputation in Australia’s renewable energy market by securing positive media coverage and working closely with colleagues and stakeholders to manage wind farm issues. He also helped manage the high-profile Sydney Light Rail crisis, including dealing with a hostile media and State Government, and defending the company’s reputation when filing a $1.2 billion legal claim against its own customer.
Before that he worked for global defence company Thales, where he led media communications around the company’s new Hawkei vehicle resulting in the signing of $1.3 billion government contract in 2015.