John Hanrahan

For 25 years, John has immersed himself in the world of PR and media and has become something of a veteran. He has experience in daily newspapers in Australia, the UK and US, business magazines, television production and TV reporting, as well as corporate public relations and advertising.

Apart from his extensive range of business writing skills, John is also experienced in media training, business website content development and corporate videos.

Over the years John has held a variety of senior positions such as Show Business editor, Chief Film Writer and Critic for The Sun newspaper, 2GB and Channel 7.

He covered 12 consecutive Cannes Film Festivals for newspapers, radio and television.

For the Nine Network’s national Small Business Show, John was the Senior Business Reporter and Producer for 8 years. Prior to that, John was the Editor of Dynamic Business Magazine.  He also has experience working for John Fairfax and Sons, News Limited and The ABC.


How do you describe yourself?

I am loyal and supportive. I always try to instil the positive approach I live by to everyone I deal with, and I enjoy mentoring people.


What is your professional career highlights?

I would have to say my 12 years at The Sun. Being there gave me latitude to travel the world as a journalist. Also, my 8 years with Channel 9, which included creating and running Nine’s Business Software Awards and Business Website Awards.


If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

A Border Collie dog. They are just so smart, intelligent, playful and loyal.


What would your ultimate holiday be?

It would have to be travelling through Central and Eastern Europe for 6 months by train, car and river cruise.